12 Easy DIY backyard makeover ideas for Summer 2021

Don’t just have backyard parties, make it enjoyable with these tips. If you are entertaining guests in your yard this summer than comfort is everything! Besides the obvious of making sure everyone can sit or stand without feeling uncomfortable there’s some easy ways to add color and visual interest to create a more aesthetically pleasing environment while still providing people options on where they want to be during their stay.

12 easy DIY backyard makeover ideas for Summer 2021

The great thing about this list of DIY backyard makeover ideas for a cozy outdoor living space is that a little goes a long way! Whether you’re on a budget or going all in, combining some or all of these ideas can create the beautiful backyard oasis you’ve been dreaming of.

Create a cozy and inviting outdoor space with the comfortable and durable furniture

Placing comfortable furniture around your yard can help make it an ideal spot for sitting, relaxing and talking. Whether you choose a cushioned lounge chair, two-person rocking chairs or more traditional Adirondacks–you create the perfect outdoor space for everyone to enjoy. Additionally, picking colors that suit the mood of visitors might be just what they’re looking for in order to feel at home when visiting as well! For example: white is calming; sky blue creates peace; mosaic helps with creativity while plain wood brings out rustic charm which are only few superb options among many others available for your backyard. 

Use colorful cushions to make your outdoor area more comfortable

You can bring plush throw pillows from inside the house and place these atop seating areas. Try mixing and matching different colors, patterns, shapes etc to make an area more stylish while also making guests feel very comfortable in your home! For example if you want a zen-like vibe then add lots of large pillow cushions on chairs or benches for people to sit back into which will create a calm environment as well as allowing them take part in it by touching their hands against various fabrics that have been used such like cotton velvet satin etc. 

Add some greenery to your backyard for a natural feel

Potted plants can be set around the area to create a nature-inspired environment. Some heat-tolerant plants include lantana, mint, leafy greens and many others. Alternatively herb gardens are an attractive choice with butterflies bees and animals attracted by their presence in your garden too! Native plantings will give wildlife shelter from predators as well as food sources for some of these creatures living near you now or potentially coming into this area soon enough – don’t hesitate to add native plantings if needed so that they’re able to thrive here! If you want durable protection for all of your potted plants then try concrete which is perfect no matter what kind of climate change we see happening over time because it’s not just about durability but also gives protection to your plants. 

Add shade for those extra hot days and protection from the rain

There are many ways for you and your guests to cool off with shade during the summer. For example, you can add a gazebo, plant trees, put up a pop-up canopy or patio umbrella and much more. Moreover staying in the shade is helpful when avoiding sunburns or skin cancer!

There’s nothing better than hanging out under an outdoor cover this time of year – whether it be on your deck enjoying some drinks before dinner service starts at home tonight; lounging by the poolside as everyone else deals with their burnout from all that yardwork they’ve been doing lately; chilling outside while waiting around for someone who said they’d “be there soon”. 

Make sure you have enough lighting

Lighting is one of the cheap and many ways to make your backyard feel cozy. Solar lights, tiki torches, lanterns or mosquito candles are all examples of lighting that will provide you with that cozy ambiance and a happy feeling of love.

Add a fire pit to your backyard for an extra level of warmth and ambiance

A fire is the focal point of outdoor entertaining. It is where people gather to roast marshmallows, stay warm, or just simply sit around to converse. If you’re goal is a a cozy atmosphere, nothing completes this picture like a fire pit.

Create a space for kids with games, toys, and activities 

If you plan to entertain guests in your cozy backyard, having a place for their kids to unwind is paramount to their ability to relax and enjoy themselves. Bored children make for frustrated parents. Setting up a spot where the kids can entertain themselves will be truly appreciated by the parents and contribute to everyone’s enjoyment of the area.

Plant trees around your yard to provide shade during hot summer days 

Backyard Garden Pavers Path Brick Column with Bronze Crane at Night

Not everyone is going to want to plant trees. But if you really want to go the extra mile to create a cozy, private area for relaxing and entertaining, trees are the perfect solution. Not only do they provide privacy, but they also provide shade during those hot summer days.

Keep it clean – don’t let leaves pile up or food wrappers accumulate on the ground

The key to a cozy backyard lies in he atmosphere. You can add as many improvements as you like from this list, but a mess will ruin the ambience. Keep your backyard area clean, tidy and free of debris and it will naturally become more cozy.

Add a hammock to relax in while reading your favorite book

Not only will you enjoy a hammock but your guests will also find a hammock to be cozy and sort of a novelty. While we don’t really want them to stay forever, a hammock is a sure fire way to impress them and make them never want to leave.

Build an outdoor kitchen with countertops, sink, and storage space

Maximize the amount of time you get to spend outdoors. Building an outdoor kitchen will allow you too cook, clean and entertain without leaving your cozy backyard.

Plant flowers around the perimeter of the yard so you can enjoy them from inside the house as well 

Flowers are visually pleasing, and will add pops of color to your cozy outdoor living space. Planting the flowers is also fun, and allows you to spend more time outside. The scent from the flowers along with the look will make you never want to go inside!

Creating a cozy outdoor living space in your backyard does not have to be expensive or hard! You can mix and match any of the above ideas, or chip away at them over the years. But one thing is for sure, you will never regret investing the money into a beautiful cozy area for you and/or your guests to enjoy year after year.