12 Ways to Maximize Space in your Small Apartment or Room

With a small living space, fitting everything you need without feeling claustrophobic might be challenging for you. Even worse, trying to fit everything to match your taste and look cute might be harder, although that’s what makes small space designs to be thrilling.

Here are 12 ways to maximize your small living space, whether you live in a tiny room or a studio apartment. 

Shrink Your Dining Table

Small round tables are not only meant for breakfast nooks. Doing away with your huge dining table will give you extra space to place other items and also have enough room to move around. Fortunately, small round tables are perfect for that, as they have enough space for a small family. 

Be Resourceful

When you have a small space, you need to avoid buying new, bulky furniture for your house. Instead, install wall sconces and consider using a stool/chair as a side table to save surface space.
Additionally, painting your room a bright color like white or light beige hue helps brighten the room and set a happy mood.

Mount Your TV

Your media console is among the biggest space consumers in a space-constrained living room. Mounting the TV ensures that you don’t waste any floor space with a TV stand. Even better, you can consider buying a wall-mountable soundbar for improved audio performance instead of a full home-theater system. A soundbar also helps you avoid noise complaints from your neighbors.

Use A Day Bed

Day beds are an excellent option for small spaces as they function as a sofa by day and a bed by night. They’re also a great choice for any guest room that doubles as a study, with some coming with extra storage space for your clothes, blankets, and other stuff.

Choose Pocket Doors

Glass pocket doors allow shared light to spread throughout your space while separating different areas. Even better, these doors slide right into your wall when not in use, taking less space than swinging doors.

Use Mirrors

Using mirrors is among the oldest tricks that interior designers use to make small spaces look bigger by adding light to dark corners. Mirrors also bring more light to your room by reflecting most of the light it comes into contact with, making your space feel airier, lighter, and larger. More importantly, you can use mirrors to add personality to your room without using much space.

Get a Wall Desk

As companies continue evolving amid advancing technology, remote working opportunities are rising in the modern marketplace. As such, a home office is a crucial necessity for most people today. A wall desk ensures that you get the office space you need in your room while working with the limited space you have. You can also mount shelves for extra storage space. If you want to buy handy items for storage, check out our collection of 33+ home storage and organization items here.  

Customize Your Storage

Bespoke storage nooks and furniture designed to suit your exact needs and space constraints help to utilize all available space in your room. When the storage space is built into your walls, you won’t lose much valuable space, but it will give you the storage you need. You can also add extra storage space under a bench. 

Use Strategic Seating

Choose extra seating space that’s easy to fold and remain compact for storage when not in use. A folding chair or stool is an excellent option for your living room as it’s easy to store, and most can match with modern interior décor.

Keep It Neutral

Calm, even-toned rooms can fool your eyes into thinking your room is more spacious than it is. However, you’ll need to add various textures to keep everything balanced interestingly.

Do Double Duty

Using pieces that can serve different purposes is the key to managing your small spaces. You can get a table that can function as both a study table and dining set or a day bed that can work as a sofa, a guest bed, and a store for extra blankets. 

Make Every Piece Count

Choose furniture that consumes minimum space while delivering maximum functionality. For instance, instead of buying an end bench, purchase a desk with a side chair as you can use it for work, grooming, and more. 

Bottom Line

With these 12 tips, maximizing your small living space should be a walk in the park, though some critical decisions must be made. Remember that not everything must be displayed since clutter only makes your room feel smaller.