4 Tools to Maintain Large Gardens

Credit: Kara Masterson

Having or installing a garden can enhance your yard, or any plot of land, visually and aesthetically. It can also make you happier and provide an opportunity to destress if you choose to make gardening a hobby. However, whether for fun or for appearance, maintaining a yard takes a lot of hard work and dedication, which can become very difficult the bigger your garden or plot of land you have to work with. Here are some tools that can make your job a little easier.

Garden Fork

A Garden Fork, also called a Spading Fork, Digging Fork, or a Graip, is a useful tool to have. There are several reasons that you would need to have a garden fork. It’s mostly used to dig up, turn over, and generally for turning over soil. This helps to aerate the soil. Aerating the garden helps the soil maintain the appropriate PH. The fork also prevents the soil from becoming impacted. Additionally, it helps you remove weeds and stones from the garden as you dig, making planting seeds, plants, or flowers much easier.

Garden Shovel

A shovel is a useful tool for gardening. You can use a shovel in order to loosen the soil, mulch, and fertilizer that might have been packed together and become difficult to work with. You can also use it to help remove weeds or transplant plants from pots they’ve outgrown to the ground where they can spread out. This helps the plants grow better as they’re no longer confined to close quarters that didn’t provide much material or nutrients to grow with. Finally, spreading mulch is also something that you can use your shovel for to make distribution easier, and the mulch will help keep your plants insulated from the cold or heat depending on the season.

Garden Tractor

When many people hear the word tractor, they think about something that is used to plow a large field or help on a farm. However, there are tractors that are specifically designed for maintaining gardens. There are many ways that a garden tractor can be used.

It can be used to till, aerate, and fertilize a garden, much like a garden fork or shovel but on a bigger, more massive scale. Additionally, it can be used to help control the weeds and spread grass seed to large patches of dirt or soil.

Because a tractor can be so useful for taking care of large areas of land and is a large machine compared to the handheld tools listed before, it is important to make sure that your garden tractor is working properly. If you notice that something is wrong with your tractor, or it’s been a while since you had maintenance done on it, then you can contact a professional tractor service to make sure everything is in working order.

Garden Hose

Water is one of the key things that your garden needs in order to stay healthy. Therefore, it is important for you to choose a hose that best fits the needs and size of your garden. Your garden hose needs to be the correct length. The length affects the water pressure. The longer the hose is, the lower the water pressure will be. This can be easier said than done if your garden is larger, but this is where you can add on a sprinkler to help cover large portions of the area at a time. 

Rubber hoses and vinyl hoses are two of the options that you have. Vinyl hoses are not as expensive as rubber hoses, and they are lightweight. However, they tend to kink up easily. Rubber hoses do cost more because they are flexible and more durable. They are also heavier. With this in mind, it all comes down to what you’re willing to pay for or put up with when selecting what type of hose you want.

Maintaining a garden or large area of land can be a lot of hard work. If you have the right tools, however, you can make it a lot easier on yourself when it comes time to take care of your garden. A garden hose, garden tractor, shovel, and garden fork will help you keep your garden looking good.