5 Tricks to Make Yard Management Easier and More Fun

@caitlinrheaphotos via Twenty20

If you dread doing yard work you’re not alone. This can be a frustrating and time-consuming task regardless of the yard size you have. When you’re having fun doing yard work, it can help you get the job done without feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to do. This is also important to make sure your yard doesn’t just become a big chore that you come to resent, and instead remains a beloved part of your home.

Prioritize Tasks

It can become easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount of yard work that needs to be done. Prioritizing tasks based on necessity is what is important to become successful. You can tackle large tasks first or tackle small tasks first. Make it a family affair to help with yard maintenance can help you accomplish the goal faster, and find more efficient ways to work. If you are finding yourself spending a great deal of time on maintenance and you come to resent the tasks, make sure to cut out any unnecessary work. For example, maybe you can mow your lawn once every two weeks instead of once a week, or hire a maintenance service to prune your trees and bushes for you. Lay down weed prevention in your garden and even take a second look at how often you’re watering your lawn, as doing so too much can cause it to grow much faster than it would otherwise.

Create a Playlist

If you have ever been pumped up listening to your favorite band, this is the perfect time to create a playlist with your favorite songs to jam out in the yard. You can have fun maintaining the garden, mowing the lawn, or cutting shrubs when you are enjoying some music. You can also work while listening to audiobooks, podcasts, or even playing a favorite tv show on your phone or tablet. This can make it easier for those missing a green thumb to still get a sense of “me time” while working on their yard or garden. 

Update Your Equipment

Using a push mower to mow a large yard can be time-consuming and stressful. Updating a lawn tractor can help you get the job done quicker and you will have fun driving around on a new tractor. Your lawn will look well maintained. If you have experienced a difficult time trimming bushes or cutting back weeds, purchasing a new bush trimmer or weed wacker can help make your yard look spiffy. Not to mention, these new yard equipment can be fun to use. Working with easy to use new equipment is much more fun than wrestling with an older, unreliable piece, and it makes your work go by a lot quicker as well.

Rearrange the Yard

If you find yard maintenance boring, you may want to consider re-arranging the yard to make you feel better about the maintenance. Rearranging yard furniture or shopping for new yard furniture can help spruce up the yard and allow you to spend more time there. Install a patio can increase your home’s profit and allow you to enjoy spending time in the yard by entertaining people. The more you enjoy spending time in your yard, the less you’ll mind keeping the space tidy and well-maintained. A yard that is rarely enjoyed but constantly cared for, however, becomes more of a chore than a home perk.

Clear the Clutter

Some people have clutter in the yard from wood piles, old furniture, old cards, old toys, and it can make people unmotivated to maintain the yard. Grab a dumpster and haul out all that old clutter no one has touched in months or even years. Once the clutter is removed, your home will be more appealing and you will feel better about your accomplishment. Getting rid of clutter such as wood piles and or old junk also makes it easier to maintain your yard as you don’t have to maneuver around so much when mowing or cleaning, and it removes hiding places for pests that can turn your yard maintenance into a nightmare scenario.

Maintaining the yard can be a dreadful task not many want to take on. Getting new yard equipment and clearing out the clutter can help you enjoy your yard more have fun cleaning it. Make sure you incorporate other things you enjoy as well, such as music or podcasts, and avoid giving yourself more work than necessary so that you can actually enjoy your yard instead of dread it.