7 Small Living Room Styling Ideas

A small living room can easily get cluttered and cramped, especially when you want to include various elements in your interior décor. However, you can trick the eye into thinking you have a much bigger space than it appears. These seven smart styling tips will help you transform your small living room space into a stylish oasis comfortable for you and your guests to hang out in. 

Let the Light Get in

If your living room is receiving a lot of natural light, avoid blocking it with dark curtains or furniture. The light pouring into your room makes your space feel more open, airy, and refreshing. Large windows are great for allowing sunlight through, but you can also use lighter shades to get more light, especially when you have small windows. Semi-sheer shades are also an excellent solution to get more light into your room.

Choose A Large Rug

Choosing a large rug with bold prints will help to make your room feel big. Unlike small rugs, a large run doesn’t visually break your floor, helping to anchor the space and offer a good staple piece for you to center your interior décor around. You can also add corner seats to get more out of your space, with statement pieces, and keep the rest of your room clutter-free.

Use Hanging Baskets for Extra Storage

To maximize your small living room space, you need to keep the floor space as clutter-free as possible. That means eliminating any small bobs and bits you might have lying around. For that, you can use attractive willow baskets hang on the wall to create extra storage in your living room. These baskets are ideal as they look stylish in your living room, and they’re also sturdy enough to hold different stuff and reduce clutter.

Use Awkward Architectural Designs

Does your living room space suffer from an awkward window or door positioning? Often, the features we admire most, like bay windows, may present logistical nightmares when laying out your furniture and other elements in your room. It’s wise to use the space to your advantage, especially with a small sofa that can fit neatly in the space without wasting more valuable floor space. 

Alternatively, you can use this awkward space to store larger furniture pieces like TV units and sideboards. That ensures the pieces don’t overpower your small room, as space would otherwise be unused.

Design Your Media Center in A Minimalistic Style

The media center is among the top space wasters in a small living room. Fortunately, you can free floor space when designing your media center by using a wall-mounted TV set instead of placing it on a TV stand. You can also add floating shelves below your TV screen to create space for your media players, soundbars, and gaming consoles. Even better, the area below your shelves gives you extra space to place items like a slim drawer or drum storage stools.

Make it Multipurpose

When your space is lacking, getting creative by making things multipurpose is a great option. For instance, if you don’t have a separate living room away from the family room and home office, you can combine all these concepts in one room. With a wall-mounted office desk combined with corner seats and a small round table, you can have a dining area, an office, and a media room all in one small space. Even better, you can customize the style to suit your room’s unique design.

Use Your Ceiling

While the surface space can be very limited, you’ll get lots of mileage from high ceilings. You can choose to hang some storage cabinets to stash any clutter around your house. High ceilings are also great for accentuating windows using tall curtains coupled with a show-stopping wallpaper.

Bottom Line

We all admire a comfortable and attractive living room space, even when there’s no square foot to fit everything you’d like. However, that doesn’t mean living in a cluttered or boring living room space, thanks to the seven tips above. With a little creativity, you can maximize your space while giving it a touch of your identity and style.