9 Bedroom Storage Ideas for More Comfort & Elegance

After the day’s work, all you need is a place where you can rest, and there’s no better place you can do that besides your bedroom. As such, your bedroom needs to give you the peace and tranquility you deserve for a nice rest. Unfortunately, small bedrooms can easily feel cluttered, especially when you’re poor at organizing stuff. See home storage and organization items here.

With a small bedroom, you’ll need to be creative in how you organize your stuff. Fortunately, there are many exciting ways to maximize your limited bedroom space to give you a serene environment for a nice rest after a long day at work. That includes:

Install Layered Shelving

Layered shelves create additional space to store books, blankets, shoes, and accessories and add more texture to your bedroom. You can choose to layer one wall with the shelves or install a single row stretch along your bedroom’s perimeter.

Choose Wall-Mounted Night Stands

While you might not have enough space for a traditional nightstand, a small wall-mounted night lamp will do the job while helping you declutter the floor. Mounted nightstands also integrate with your interior décor easily while giving your bedroom a unique look. 

Use Under-Bed Space

The space under the bed might be ideal for storage since it is not visible and easily accessible. You can decide to store a few items, such as extra bed sheets, books, or even gift wraps. When you buy a rolling storage container, keep everything organized and free up most of the space in your bedroom.

Organize The Room In Sections

Organizing the bedroom at once night be very overwhelming. Instead, divide the bedroom depending on the function of the space. Organize the closet as a single project, then move on to more armories, dresser drawers, and wardrobes. By doing so, you are decongesting and organizing storage space first.

The next things organize the flat areas like the tops of dressers and night table, as well as bookcases that may be in your bedroom. Leaving the bed area clear, you will know what you should be stored there.

Declutter Closets

The disorganization of your closet disrupts the calmness of your bedroom. The cluttered closet translates to a longer time of getting ready for your morning, which causes more frustration getting out of the door and getting to work on time. The organization of your closet reduces the tension by tackling your closet. 

The first step is to keep your closet in order by fully organizing or doing a quick closet clutter sweep. Separate the unneeded clothes with which you do not need to clear up some of the space in your closet. You can decide to donate unwanted clothes to create a serene space.

Store Blankets on a Rack

If you have some of the items in your bedroom, like blankets and towels you regularly use, consider racks. That will make work more straightforward when making the bed and getting ready for the night more comfortable. Additionally, you won’t be tempted to throw everything on the floor. 

Create a Functional, Clutter-Free Nightstand

Choose a night table that suits you need while taking up small space as possible. A small dresser where you can store some clothes is a great trick which many professional organizers use with clients living in small spaced quarters. If you do not have room for a small dresser, a slim table with many drawers will work well.

Have a Place for Dirty Clothes

A closet will help your clothes be contained in one place without spilling out all over your bedroom. You can choose the closet that blends well with your décor or just a basic hamper.

Have a Place for Trash

A small dust bin or a garbage pail in the bedroom provides you with a space to throw tissues, a scrap of papers, and other small pieces of trash that make the way into your bedroom. A small trash can is ideal, which is not easily noticeable. The best place to keep it is under a nightstand or beside a dresser. Anything larger will consume space, and it will be evident. 

Bottom Line

With these nine smart tips, you can organize your bedroom and maximize your space to enjoy a tranquil environment for resting. As such, these tips are useful for apartment dwellers and homeowners with small spaces.