8 Cool Teen Bedroom Design Ideas

When your kids grow from childhood to their teenage years, they develop a unique sense of style and naturally outgrow their childhood bedrooms. Designing your teenager’s bedroom can be an excellent way to bond together as you prepare them for their adult life. Here are eight cool bedroom designing ideas that your teen will love. 

Get Smart with the Storage

While your teenager needs enough space to store books and other décor, you might not have enough space to move in more furniture. Smart storage facilities allow you to incorporate walls to win your décor while saving ground space for other furniture like a study table. You can also add hanging shelves to display some grown-up décor or display their collection of hard-earned trophies. See how to add more natural light into your home.

Keep it Simple and Clean

Not all teenagers love to clutter their rooms with bold posters and bright patterns. Some prefer neutral color palettes, although you can give the room more dimensions with luxe bedding, an interesting bed frame, or a fluffy carpet. Lots of lights and indoor plants also add life to your teen’s bedroom without feeling overwhelming to your child. That also leaves enough room for your teenager to add more décor and color later. As such, it helps to lay a solid foundation for them to build on in the future.

Make it a Hangout

Most teens desire a hideout where they can have some privacy in the company of their friends. Setting a sitting area in your teen’s bedroom ensures that your child has a secure area to hang out with friends without clouding your living room. You can also use a modern style bunk bed to make the room more stylish. 

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Have Fun Decorating

When decorating your teen’s room, invest in some classic staples, and have fun accessorizing with the artwork. The artwork is quite easy to swap in and out, helping to introduce personality in your child’s room. You can buy an upholstered headboard or have some fun with the throw pillows to add a sense of youth. You can let your teenager choose the colors or the patterns they like to see in their room to ensures everything pleases their taste and sense of style.

Give them Privacy

As your kids become teenagers, they develop a sense of privacy and a strong desire to do things on their own. For this reason, a little window seat in your teenager’s room comes in handy if there’s enough room in the bedroom. That gives them a place where they can sit and relax or hang out with friends. 

You can also have fun with curtains, headboards, and upholstery. Of course, wallpapers also a brilliant way to add color to the room. You can choose a removable wallpaper for easy changes in the future or install a permanent one that both you and the teen will; love. 

Display their Hobbies

Everyone loves a bedroom that revolves around their hobbies. Whether it’s surfing, chess or football, your teenager’s room should showcase the things he/she loves to do as a hobby. For instance, if your teenager loves surfing, you can use a surfing board paired with a simple ocean-inspired color to give the bedroom a glamorous touch. 

Strike A Balance

 While you can go bold and bright, you need to maintain a clean and sophisticated look for your teenager’s bedroom. You can go with bright colors on the ceiling and go dark on the floors to bring a similar effect to the outside world. Even better, the idea of placing the bed on the corner is excellent as it makes your child feel cozier and more private than ever before.

Add-In a Workspace to Boost Productivity

Whether you’re assembling a minimalist bedroom for your teen or a big room, a working space is a great addition to space as it helps to create a sense of independence. It also has enough space to do homework, research, and other stuff while boosting productivity. 


As any teenager will tell you, their bedroom is the best way to showcase their personal style away from everyone else in the house. That means incorporating the colors, patterns, and decoration that they love is an excellent way to start designing the perfect bedroom for your teenager.