How to Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa-Like Oasis

When you need a place you can make a stress-free zone, then a home spa is one of the best ideas. Turning any bathroom into a comfortable space is easy with the right upgrades. Here are six ideas to make your bathroom a place where you can recharge and feel just like you’re at the spa. 

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Indulge Your Senses

Radiant heating is a luxury that will make you feel as if you are at a resort. In-floor heating can be expensive in existing homes, costing between six and sixteen dollars for every square foot, according to Angi. One way to combat the high price is to get the treatment in front of the shower and vanity. These are the areas where you will likely spend most of your time. Another way to indulge your senses is by adding extra luxurious and comfortable linens in your bathroom. Invest in some fluffy robes and plush towels to make your baths or showers an even more relaxing experience. 

Incorporate Natural Light

Consider saving up for window glass replacement if you live in an older home or have leaky windows. Turning your bathroom into a space you can relax includes brightening up the room. You can add a skylight in smaller areas to give them a larger feeling. If your current bathroom doesn’t have any windows, see if you can add one. It can feel like an expensive investment at first, but it will pay off. You will want to spend more time relaxing in your bathroom and it can be a big selling point for someone in the future. 

Lots of Plants

Greenery serves a couple of purposes. Plants put off oxygen and take carbon dioxide out of the air. It is healthy to have many around the house. Flowers and greenery give the bathroom a more natural feel. They can make things feel more fresh in your bathroom as well. It is often soothing for people to care for plants. If you want to section off an area to make it more private, then a wall of plants makes a fabulous screen. Look for some greenery and plants that do well with minimal sunlight and can handle the moisture of your bathroom. 

Add a Shower Seat

For smaller bathrooms, it may not be an option to have a bathtub or jacuzzi. Fixing up these spaces to make them more luxurious is easy with new faucets. Adding a handheld showerhead will make it accessible for all ages to use the spa. A shower bench or permanent seat is an excellent addition for steaming and sitting under the massager.

Add Lovely Scents

Putting candles or aromatherapy devices in the bathroom is an inexpensive way to make the room feel like a spa. Try putting candles all throughout the bathroom – on the vanity, several in the bathtub, and on shelves. Soothing scents like lavender and vanilla are wonderful options for chilling after a long day. You can also purchase an oil diffuser or a machine that has several scents. Taking a bath after a long day while candles are burning around you can make you feel just like you are at the spa. 

High-End Accents

You don’t have to do a complete bathroom remodel to make the space look high end. You can add some simple accents to make it feel like an actual spa. You can replace some of the hardware around your bathroom. For example, replacing the knobs on your cabinets with some high-quality gold ones can make it feel refreshed. You can even add some decorations in your bathroom. You might have overlooked your bathroom when it comes to decorating. Decorative vases, shelf accents, and rugs can make a big difference. Lighting can also go a long way and can be an easy way to completely transform the feel of your bathroom. Browse shops near you to pick up some accents and decor that will work in your space. 

Creating a quiet space at home is affordable and achievable. Everyone needs to have a comfortable place where they can get away from the traffic, kids, work, friends, or other issues that are stressful. Adding more light and a few key touches will transform your bathroom into your oasis.