Inexpensive Ways to Improve Your Outdoor Spaces

@shortcakecreations via Twenty20

Have you been thinking about sprucing up your outdoor living space without breaking the bank? A yard makeover doesn’t have to be expensive to be attractive and inviting. The right furnishings, décor, lighting, plantings, and perimeter fencing are all that you need for a functional and cheerful outdoor oasis on a budget.

It’s up to you whether you would like to seek professional help or prefer to tackle a DIY project. Let’s explore a few ideas.

Potted Plants

You might not have enough space or the energy to install and tend to a garden. However, you can still create a colorful landscape with low-maintenance plants that are in creative pots.

Pick up some contractor’s mixing buckets and a can of spray paint. Paint those buckets in lively colors. Alternatively, you can find wide aluminum tubs used for holding ice and beverages for parties. They hold lots of plants. Be sure to plant a variety of colorful flowers, sturdy vegetables, and herbs. Many will attract butterflies to your yard.

Meditation Area

You can create a quiet space with stones as ground cover, a teak bench or wicker chair for sitting, and a water feature. You would be surprised how many affordable fountains are available, many of which are self-contained where you add the water yourself – no plumbing needed. The sound of the trickling water is very soothing and can calm a busy mind.

Updated Fencing

Is your wood fence in need of a coat of paint? Or, is the fence chain-link? A chain-link fence is great for security but might notbe pleasing to the eye on its own.

There are some fencing products that allow you to customize the look of the fence by weaving colorful strips between the links in various patterns. For example, fencing supplies like the Pexco brand silver fence weave are not only used for dressing up fences, but they also offer protection from wind and can makeyards more private.

Fire Pit or Chimenea

There is nothing better than an outdoor fire on a cool fall evening. You can build your own affordable firepit using masonry blocks. These are awesome for propping your feet up on and roasting marshmallows for s’mores.

Most home improvement stores offer easy-to-assemble smaller fireplaces for patios. Another option is a chimenea. This is an outdoor fireplace that has a chimney to direct smoke away from those sitting nearby

Every fireplace needs a grate to protect the rest of the nearby area against sparks or exploding logs. The grates do not have to be basic or ugly either, as evidenced by some of the very fancy wrought iron grates that were made throughout history for fireplaces in larger estates and castles. Wrought iron professionals can recreate any historical grate to fit the size of your fireplace, if that is what you would like, or create a very unique grate instead.

If you have a professional create a fireplace grate, they can also make a matching wood bin. The wood bin would repeat design features found in the grate, thereby making it a matching set. Ask for any size of wood bin you want, too. From a bin that holds a couple of logs at a time to a sideboard-sized bin that holds dozens of logs, all of it can be made with decorative wrought iron.

Strings of Lights

If you really want to add ambiance to your yard, invest in outdoor lighting. Drape string lights down from the house across the outdoor area to either a garage or poles that can support the strings. These will give you a starry night feel without lighting up the yard so much that it annoys the neighbors. Consider finding lights that are energy-efficient so that they can stay illuminated throughout each night. The style of your backyard will help you determine what kinds of lights would best suit the area.

There are many things you can do to improve your outdoor space, no matter what size the area is. You can do this inexpensively by adding lush plants, comfortable seating, updated fencing, a fireplace with accessories, and some qualitylighting that will blend in with the rest of your property. Take some time to identify your property’s needs so that you can decide what can be done to enhance the area.