4 Modern Light Fixtures to Upgrade Your Home

Having elegant lighting is something every homeowner would love in their homes. Luckily, today’s lighting fixtures can add glamour to any home, whether modern or rustic. When installed correctly, they easily complement your interior decor while adding a touch of class and elegance. Here are a few of those modern light fixtures that are used to upgrade your home.

Mini-Pendant Light Fixture

The fixture works well with a single 100-watt bulb. For excellent appearance, pair the design with an Edison carbon filament bulb. It is ideal for a damp location as it meets the minimum standards of the National Electric Code. However, it’s important to consult an electrical services provider for more information on this code.

The design is 9.25 in height and supports a 120v supply. The fixture is black and works well with any room. Your interior decor will match well with this design.

Soft Gold Lighting Fixtures

Soft colors have become popular in modern days when it comes to lighting fixtures. Among the most adored colors is grey. The style matches well with different interior designs, a fact that has made many homeowners embrace it.

Soft gold lighting fixtures exist in numerous designs, making it ideal for any room. A style with an accentuated gold is perfect for overhead lighting. A soft-gold reading lamp is brilliant for illuminating a study room.

Geometric Pendants

Geometric pendants are one of the modern light fixtures that has earned the adoration of many homeowners. It is a brilliant way to brighten your living room. The design features styles such as dazzling diamond, stylish spheres, and chic squares. It is ideal for any room and interior d├ęcor. Check out the various options to see which works for your home.

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Try Mid-Century Modern and Art Deco

Art Deco and mid-century are among the favorite types for many homeowners. They are similar to the usual sputnik chandelier. They feature unique styles that will transform any room significantly. If nature fascinates you, you will fall in love with the mid-century lighting fixture, as it comes with attractive natural shapes.

Art Deco appears like an artistic lighting design when used for overhead lights. It is available in different colors and blends well with various interior decors.

Your house deserves a new look, and one way to achieve that is by modernizing your lighting fixtures. Whether it is your bathroom, kitchen, living room, or bedroom, a new design will go a long way towards enhancing elegance.