Need to Change Up Your Space? 5 Ways to Refresh Your Bedroom

The bedroom is a space of restful retreat people spend more than half their lives in. Because of this, it should be as comfortable as the day is long. This includes functionality, design, and aesthetics. Keeping the bedroom evolving away from outdated components and purpose can refresh your bedroom with the beauty and comfort you deserve. The following are six ways to give your bedroom a refresh. 

Look Up

Ceilings are often ignored when aesthetic changes are desired. Add a ceiling fan. Paint the ceiling a relaxing color even if it doesn’t match the walls. Hang a few plants. String a few lights for a starry, starry night. It’s all about comfort. Changing up lighting fixtures can go a long way as well. If your bedroom doesn’t include a lot of natural light, add some extra lighting to make it feel bright and open. A chandelier can also give your bedroom a luxurious feel if that’s the style you are going for. 

Walls of Beauty

Giving bedroom walls a creative voice can turn a boring space into a haven of blissful calm. Architectural detail, including adding elements of texture, pattern, and components of scale, can make bedroom walls pop. Explore creative possibilities that can turn your bedroom into a work of art, a room of meditation, or any bedroom dream imaginable. From tin ceiling tiles to vertical living walls to abstract placement of wood trims, new lighting fixtures, and stone fountains, bedroom walls are a blank canvas just waiting to be noticed. Wallpaper is a trendy option for making your walls unique. There are tons of patterns and colors to choose from. Find one that expresses your personality to really personalize your room. 

Cooling Comfort

Did you know that your body’s core temperature is programmed to cool down at night? That is why sleeping in a cooler environment between 60-67 degrees fahrenheit can deliver a better night’s sleep. There are several ways to create a cooling slumber. Twin, full, king, and queen mattresses all offer cooling technologies. From cooling bed sheets, mattress pads, and mattress cooling systems, there isn’t any reason to suffer through a warm, summer night’s dream any more. 

Inexpensive Ways to Spruce Up a Bedroom

Bedrooms have so much hidden character to play with. Here a few inexpensive suggestions your bedroom can wake you up with a smile:

Pictures: Repurpose old picture mats to modernize beloved pictures. Either purchase new ones or find a beautiful fabric or wrapping paper you can recover tired mats with yourself. Find some inexpensive frames to add photos of your family and friends too. Take your photos to a print shop and create a gallery wall. 

Floors: If high-end flooring isn’t an option versatile rug options are the perfect solution for a fashionable room-refreshing update. Rugs are an exciting element because they come in so many amazing styles. You can also change them on a frequent basis without breaking the bank. 

Fresh Flowers: Flowers are the easiest way to brighten up a living space. Add a fun vase on your bedside table and always have some fresh flowers in it. This will make your room feel refreshed. 

Mirrors: If your bedroom is in a small space, consider adding a few mirrors. The reflection of light on the mirrors will make your room appear larger than it is. A floor length mirror can be a good option. You don’t have to break the bank by purchasing mirrors either. Most thrift stores will have some to choose from. 

Comfortable Bedding

Your bed will likely be the focal point of your room. Go above and beyond to make it comfortable and stylish. Layer comforters and throw blankets to add texture and style. Include plenty of fluffy pillows. Stylish throw pillows will also add interest. Have a few different pillows and duvets that you can rotate through so you don’t get sick of the same design. 

Refreshing a bedroom just takes a little personal touch here and there. Take small steps and see how they work. You can always make changes. Have fun with changing up your space and put boring bedrooms to sleep for good!