Small Features That Can Slowly Increase Your Home’s Value

Have you ever thought about how your home will hold its value when you decide to sell it? You may love your home as it is but a few simple renovations can increase the value of your home. You don’t have to do renovations all at once either but over the course of your ownership.

More than 70% of all real estate experts say that certain home renovation projects can improve the value of the home. So many homeowners are braving the world of renovations and hoping to make a little profit at the time of sale.

The key is to know what kind of renovations will increase the home value when it comes time to sell the property.

Below are four home remodeling projects you can use in order to get a better ROI when you sell your property.

Finish Your Basement

People that live in the Northeast prefer to have basements and have them finished to add living space to their homes. A finished basement can add as much as $50,000 to the value of the property.

Finishing a basement can cost you about $20,000 but this depends on the square footage and how you renovate.

Consider Solar Energy

Energy efficiency is a very sought-after quality for homes. Having a home with low energy bills will attract buyers who are hoping to stay within their budgets. To make your home more desirable, consider utilizing solar energy. Solar technology has evolved in a major way in dependability and efficiency and, it can meet many home needs. There are solar panels that have no moving parts and are built to withstand the harshest of environments that requires zero maintenance and no lifestyle changes. Advancements in technology have also made solar energy incredibly more accessible and affordable than ever. A few solar panels can significantly reduce monthly electric bills.

Open the Floor Plan

Knocking out a wall or two can add more space and give your home the open floor plan that is so popular. An open floor plan allows more natural light to come in and it creates an inviting ambiance for guests. Make sure to contact a professional when remodeling parts of your home. Removing walls incorrectly could damage your plumbing, insulation, and even your home’s structural integrity.

Add Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is about making your exterior more beautiful. You can start by adding an attractive landscape and maintaining all garden areas. Maintenance is key when selling a home becauseit assures buyers that you have been taking care of your property. Many realtors say that landscaped homes often sell better. The cost may come to about $3,000, but it also has a 100% return on investment.

Get a Steel Front Door

Replacing an old front door with a steel one can recover about 90% of your investment when you resell the home. Steel doors tend to be more durable compared to traditional doors and are able to resist damages caused by harsh weather conditions. In addition, sturdy doors can significantly reduce the chances of a break-in. Buyers appreciate the safety and energy efficiency of a steel front door.

Replace Your Garage Door

A new garage door practically pays for itself. It adds convenience and value to your home. You can often make 100% of the cost when you resell the home. When you add a new garage door with garage door openers you make your life easier, but also increase the value and desirability of the property to buyers when you want to sell. In addition to added convenience, garage door openers are also great for safety purposes. Homeowners easily can make sure that their garage door is properly closed when they leave for the day with a click of a button.

Just a few renovations can add value to your home. More importantly, these renovations make your home more secure and make your life more convenient. These renovations make your home more useful, energy-efficient, and desirable on the market. Home additions are cost-efficient and make your home more beautiful so that buyers will also find the house a better option over other houses in the same price range.