7 Smart Home Design Ideas

A smart home is an excellent way to save electricity and cut down water bills using electronic devices around your home. While smart homes were once considered luxurious, they’re slowly rising to become an integral part of our lives. Fortunately, your home doesn’t need to be fully automated, and you can choose from hundreds of products from different manufacturers. Here are seven smart home ideas worth considering today.

Smart Heating and Cooling

Optimizing cooling and heating is one of the best ways of using smart home technology. Imagine controlling everything from your home’s humidity, temperature, and airflow from your mobile phone from anywhere. Most of these upgrades will help you boost your home’s energy efficiency and cut down your utility bills. 

Smart thermostats are a popular choice in this section, although some people prefer smart vents for sensing a room atmosphere and adjusting the temperature accordingly. Some smart vents models can also integrate with smart thermostats and ceiling fans. Homes built in areas with arid weather will also do great with smart home humidifiers. Unfortunately, there are only a few models on the market.

Smart Kitchen

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, smart refrigerators were a huge buzz. Samsung’s Family Hub refrigerator that features a huge touchscreen built in the doors to order groceries online was one of the finest creations seen this year. Whirlpool presented a less expensive model, but without the touchscreen. Nonetheless, it comes with a phone app for alerts about power outages and alerts to change the water filter.

Another Smart appliance for the smart kitchens market is the dishwasher. Whirlpool has a smart dishwasher that comes with an assistant to activate certain options when you’re away from home. You can also check out product stats through your smartphone to save energy.

Communication Appliance

There are smart communication appliances for families that spend most of their time in one room. Triby is one such product, featuring a connected speaker that works as a radio, standalone music system, and Bluetooth speaker. Even better, it features a hands-free VoIP, and you can make phone calls with personal doodles to allow you to talk to your family when they’re out. Check out home storage and organization items collection here.

Smart Security

Home security is one of the best ways of using smart technology. Fortunately, you can easily find smart home security devices ranging from smart locks to surveillance systems. August is leading the smart lock market with its extremely upgraded door locks that can be locked and unlocked through a phone app. 

For people who frequently travel, smart camera systems can help reduce home security-related stress. Fortunately, you can choose from an endless line of camera systems that connect with mobile devices and comes with motion sensors, notification systems, facial recognition technology, and real-time video monitoring.

Smart Floors and Finishes

From robotic vacuums to air purifying hardwood, there are many smart floors and finishes worth buying in the market. Lauzen’s Pure Genius flooring is an excellent example of such devices that you can install in your home. The device is activated by light and removes volatile organic compounds around your home using air circulation. 

New coating tech has also supported the creation of self-cleaning ceramic tile. These tiles are also anti-microbial and air purifying properties to prevent mold and mildew. See ideas for timeless kitchen design.

Smart Bathrooms

Smart baths and showers should be among the top choices for homeowners as they can help you cut your water bills by almost half. The EvaDrop shower system helps you reduce your water consumption in showers by reducing the water flow as you move further from your shower head and resumes the high flow when you get near. You can also consider the VibrAcoustic smart tub with inbuilt transducers that vibrate in line with your music’s soundwaves when relaxing in the tab.

Smart Lighting

You can use several smart lighting in your home, including turning your ordinary home lighting into smart lights. You can use the Emberlight line of sockets for that and start controlling your home light through your smartphone. Smart bulbs are also an excellent option, as they have an impressive useful life, and they can adjust their brightness according to the natural light in the room.