7 Tips For An Easy-to-Clean Bathroom Design

Nobody likes to clean a dirty bathroom. Whether it’s polishing your grimy shower screen, dealing with moldy grout, or scrubbing behind the toilet, cleaning the bathroom can be really tiring and disgusting regardless of the size. Fortunately, with modern bathroom design features, cleaning can be a lot simpler. Here are simple design tips to help you create an easy-clean bathroom in your home. Check how to update a bland office for a modern look.

Install Large Format Tiles

Nobody likes to clean the bathroom grout, although everyone likes to shower in a clean bathroom. Even worse, small-format tiles have almost three times the grout to be cleaned compared to large format tiles, which translates to more work. For that reason, large format tiles are what you need in your modern bathroom.

While interior designers will advise against using large format tiles in a small bathroom as it gives it a smaller look, you can use them to create a sense of spaciousness in medium-sized bathrooms. Large-format tiles also reduce the installation time as you’ll be installing less number of sheets.

Eliminate Dirt Traps

Avoid installing fussy decorative cornices on the wall cabinets, and consider using an easy-to-clean smooth surface material like Corian. If the shower trap is not draining properly, there’s a chance it’s clogged with soap scum or hair. Instead of letting the problem escalate, thoroughly clean traps using non-toxic cleaners instead of using tons of chemical cleaners that might end up contaminating your water supply.

To remove the dirt in the traps, simply unscrew them with the appropriate screwdriver and manually remove as much hair as you can see. You can untwist a wire hunger and use it to remove hair from hard-to-reach places. Mixing water and vinegar in equal parts to pour down your drain will also help reduce any leftover grime and dirt.

Reduce the Amount of Glass in the Bathroom

While glass is an excellent choice since it doesn’t support the growth of mold and other bacterias, it can be a pain when it comes to cleaning. That’s why it’s wise to simplify it with a nice walk-in shower or silicone-free shower enclosures. Essentially, the fewer glass surfaces and joints you have, the less you have to clean. A small squeegee handy also helps.

Replace Skirting Boards

Consider changing the skirting boards on your painted walls with something made from easy-to-clean materials like plastic instead of MDF and wood. Plastic skirting is easy to clean, and they’re completely impervious to moisture. More importantly, most plastic skirtings are easy to install with basic DIY skills.

Eliminate Matching Cabinet Plinths

Instead of using matching plinths, specify a solid surface or tiled plinth to shrug off knocks, wet mops, and scrapes. Solid surfaces are easy to clean, going to as good as new with only a wipe. 

Use Quality Materials

Materials such as silicone and grout can be cheap when building or repairing your bathroom, but don’t be fooled. Using a high-grade sanitary silicone for sealing open spaces together with a branded mold-resistant grout is an excellent idea. Bal and Mapei have a great mold-resistant worth using.

Fit the Bath Deck to Your Freestanding Bath

Instead of fitting the freestanding bath next to the wall, you need to use a stick to remove all the fluff and your toiletries inner rolls and choose a solid surface bath deck. Fitting the bath deck to the freestanding bath helps solve cleaning issues and free up useful space for storing candles and toiletries. For extra space, you can also consider adding a wall-hung wall closet to make mopping and sweeping your floor a real breeze.

Alternatively, those with extra cash to spend can fit a smarter toilet to make cleaning easier. This innovation gives you a modern bathroom and makes sure it always smells fresh after use.

Bottom Line

An easy-clean bathroom ensures that you maintain your home’s hygiene without encouraging the growth of mold and other antimicrobials. As such, hiring a professional designer is the best solution for creating one. However, the seven smart tips listed here will come in handy when designing your own bathroom. That gives you a sense of total control in your design while saving some costs.