4 Ways to Update A Bland Office for A Modern Look

Your office is the first impression clients and visitors get of your business; you want that first impression to be one of innovation and success. Unfortunately, a bland, outdated office can give an impression of failure and stagnation, which isn’t good for business.

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The good news is, it doesn’t take much to update your bland office. A few simple changes can completely change the office’s appearance, giving your visitors a more favorable impression. Also, a bright, modern office will lift your employees’ moods, which is good for productivity.

Accent Pieces

Bright, colorful accessories against a neutral background create a very modern look. If your office furniture is upholstered in drab shades of beige, gray, or brown, add a few brightly colored pillows and throw rugs. Saturated shades of orange, turquoise, blue, and green can quickly and easily turn a boring office around.

Contemporary Sculptures

If your office has a courtyard, contemporary stainless steel sculptures can create a positive impression before anyone even steps through the door. Paired with well-maintained landscaping, an outdoor sculpture adds curb appeal to your office.

Likewise, a contemporary sculpture in the lobby paired with complementary wall art, creates a sophisticated impression indoors. You can also easily use lighting fixtures and table lamps to spotlight the art. The art you choose should reflect not only your personal taste but should also give an impression of your business.

Wall Color

A fresh coat of paint can go a long way to update your office. Pay close attention to the atmosphere you wish to create. Before you choose a color, look into color psychology to help you choose just the right color. Color plays an important role in the way your business is perceived.

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Generally, warm, bright colors foster cheerful feelings of self-confidence, while cool shades of blue project trust and strength. Shades of green are great for projecting an image of healing and growth. Finally, neutral shades of gray project a calm feeling of balance. You can use any of these or a combination to create the right effect in your office.

Modern Furnishings

If you want to update your office furniture, first consider the focus of your business. A bold, modern style could be appropriate for a law office, while a brighter, cheerier look is appropriate for a daycare center. No matter the impression you wish to create, keep the lines simple and straightforward.

A modern office design calls for contemporary furniture that is practical, stylish, versatile, and comfortable. Contemporary office furniture pieces can be color-coordinated with your interior decorating colors and complemented with various modern fixtures and textures.

With some careful thought, updating your office can be easy and affordable. Take the time to think about the impression you want to give employees, visitors, and clients, then add color, art, and furniture to achieve that effect.